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I'm an illustrator based in Manchester and I specialise in doodle designs created with nothing but pens and paper.


I've loved drawing ever since I was a child - yes, I was the kid who demolished the paper tablecloths in restaurants with endless doodles. After graduating into the recession with a degree in languages and struggling to find a job, I decided to put pen to paper and Myro Doodles was born back in 2012.   

Hi there - I'm Myro Doodles!

I started out creating hand-crafted greetings cards, but a chance encounter with some chalk pens and a shop window in Prestwich (thank you Village Greens!) lead me to fall in love with window art. I love the power a few pens can have to completely transform a window space, and I pride myself on creating freehand illustrations that are as bespoke and unique as the clients I'm drawing them for. Whether it's independent businesses or big brands like Paperchase, Debenhams and John Lewis, I love translating their messages into art and helping them to connect with their customers. 

I've also had the pleasure of producing mural art for clients, primarily in NHS hospitals,  and graphic recording for corporate clients such as Bruntwood, the UK Gambling Commission and the BBC. I have travelled up and down the UK working for a variety of clients, and although Covid has caused this to grind to a halt I am hopeful to be travelling again soon. 

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